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Really, what *am* I doing here?

Have you ever been in a situation where you looked around and said, “What the hell am I doing here? Seriously – what am I doing with these people, in this situation?”

As a rare female in the Industrial Automation world, this happens to me quite a bit. Either the effects of being the only female within a 10 mile radius are hitting me, or the people around me are so intoxicated by the corporate Kool-Aid that I can’t believe they’re not seeing/hearing/comprehending the situation the same way that I am.

I seem to have a pretty high immunity to corporate Kool-Aid. Maybe it’s a female thing. Some women, especially those with a technical slant, have the ability to balance the left-brained, purely analytical assesment of a situation with the right-brained, empathetic, “I want everyone to hold hands and get along” urge.

If you’re one of them, you should command a premium on your salary, because you will be one of the rare people who can make decisions and lead situations to an outcome that balances the good of the company with the good of the employees/customers/various other human stakeholders. And to be able to do that, you have to avoid the intoxicating effects of the Kool-Aid.

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